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Five Evolutions of Organizational Culture

The way people work together in organizations has been evolving over centuries.  It’s important to understand where your organization stands and what the future could look like. As each new paradigm emerges it unlocks increasing capacities and capabilities of the individual and the organization. Peter Green summarizes the five paradigms described in Fredric Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations in this 9 minute video.  With this new perspective of organizational models we can work towards the next evolution of your organization together.

Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model Published by Peter Green
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Agile Living: Learning How to Live

Agile Living: Learning How to Live Energy is what fuels us. After reading a recent article by Tony Schwartz on “managing” one’s energy, it struck me. Understanding how we use our energy is what will give us our competitive advantage. It allows us to rev up when needed but also requires us to take a … Continued