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Five Evolutions of Organizational Culture

The way people work together in organizations has been evolving over centuries.  It’s important to understand where your organization stands and what the future could look like. As each new paradigm emerges it unlocks increasing capacities and capabilities of the individual and the organization. Peter Green summarizes the five paradigms described in Fredric Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations in this 9 minute video.  With this new perspective of organizational models we can work towards the next evolution of your organization together.

Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model Published by Peter Green
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This is the Reason Your Middle Managers are Stressed

Today’s workplace is experiencing a culture clash between the top and bottom — between the old “waterfall” ways of managing and the new “Agile” ways of the modern workplace. Management at the top is still operating under outdated silo, or “waterfall,” practices. These waterfall practices within the management structure are characterized by hierarchical decisions that trickle down … Continued


An Epidemic of Disengagement

Deloitte’s “Global Human Capital Trends 2015” report states the No. 1 issue facing organizations this year is employee engagement and culture. The study reports that only 13 percent of the global work force is highly engaged. What has changed in the workplace to cause this systematic problem? How do we engage people in an agile way that is flexible, empowering and promotes accelerated learning? Most importantly, how do we keep pace with the changing needs of our employees?

Culture and Disengagement: The Naked Organization Published by Deloitte University press

The Friction Between Agile Culture and Traditional Management Culture

Steve Denning describes the differences between the traditional vertical structure of management and the adaptive horizontal structure of agile. With the traditional structure being conceived over 150 years ago, Denning details how the business landscape has changed since its origins and how our organizational structures need to adapt to keep up.

Why Do Managers Hate Agile? Published by Steven Denning