Building organizations that can innovate and adapt to disruption and constant change boils down to building leaders, teams and people that can do the same.

We’re Agilists, so we work iteratively.
We value process and believe that smart solutions evolve.
We also know that for all of this to work, we have to build trust.


We start with a business audit to:
1. Establish the current company conditions.
2. Find the source of existing problems.
3. Set objectives.

Next we develop a pilot program:
– Interviews
– Ride-alongs
– Train-the-Trainer: Ongoing one-on-one and team coaching
– Mentorship
– Peer-to-peer training sessions.

Along the way, we’ll encapsulate findings, incorporate learnings and provide measurement of change.  Finally, we’ll build a sustainable solution for bringing agility to your entire organization.

There are typically three major stages to a project and these are executed in 4-week cycles.

1. Learn Agile
4-hour crash course

– Why does Agile exist?
– How will it produce the change you need to meet today’s challenges head-on?
– Understand Agile practices and behaviors.
– Update inefficient managerial habits.

Typical duration: 1 week

2. Do Agile

– Practice techniques learned in the crash course.
– Model behaviors to create collaborative teamwork.
– Build new leadership habits.

Typical duration: 2-3 months

3. Be Agile

– 1 on 1 coaching promotes deeper insight and understanding.
– Internalized Agile behaviors by leaders trickles down into their teams.
– You now have a thriving culture.

Typical duration: 3 months

We love what we do and we can do more