Tony Wong is a gifted coach and Agile Teaching master. He is a gifted and intuitive listener. He knows how teams should work, how leaders want to work in the digital age, and why 20th century managerial habits need to evolve. Tony practices what he teaches as his craft: mindfulness, presence, and joy in finding better ideas generated from agile principles as opposed to siloed acts of human behavior and discipline.
Jonathan W. Simons, MD., President and Chief Executive Officer, David H. Koch Chair, Prostate Cancer Foundation

Our Company


Digital Onion is a business consultancy specializing in ways of working designed for innovation, teamwork, and creativity. We design, pilot, and measure business agility – at the enterprise, leadership and team level.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped dozens of companies and hundreds of teams develop ways of working that ensure their organizations will thrive in today’s dynamic and disruptive business climate. We understand the current imperatives of business, and our experience has shown us that coaching and training alone does not produce lasting cultural change. Real transformation lies at the intersection of structure, process, and leadership development.

We have decades of experience in the field, working across a wide range of sectors, including: entertainment and media, digital commerce, fashion, financial services, automotive, publishing gaming, and technology ventures.

Tony has a remarkable blend of Zen principles, practical leadership values and agile methodology that has helped many at Riot navigate the complex nature of modern day knowledge work and become happier, healthier and more productive leaders.
Marc Merrill, President & Co-founder, Riot Games, Inc.

Our Mission

Digital Onion is committed to the goal of helping organizations, and the people who power them, to thrive. We are inspired by your purpose and motivated by your success. We believe creativity is at the core of human productivity and that businesses committed to meaningful change stand the greatest chance of leading the way into the future.

Our Founder


Digital Onion founder, Tony Wong is an innovator in the field of leadership, productivity, and management. With over 15 years experience, Tony specializes in devising new ways for companies to view and lead their teams to increased levels of satisfaction and performance, for the individual and the enterprise.

Before founding his own consultancy in 2005, Tony was Director of Project Management for Neudesic, a leading Microsoft .NET professional services firms, where he led a 150-person consultancy with a portfolio of 40-plus concurrent projects. Prior to that, as Program Manager, Tony led the Honda Powersports Division to strategically plan, develop and implement their consumer-facing web presence for all products, including motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, scooters, and watercraft.

Tony has published numerous articles on productivity, self-management, and work performance. Two of his articles, “8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday,” and “7 Things Highly Productive People Do” ranked as most read in LinkedIn and Inc.com, respectively.

Digital Onion consultants are stellar. I found them to be incredibly bright and hard working, they fully integrated with our team and they managed to get our efficiency up into the high 90% from a disgusting 55% prior to them helping out. We made more money, our client satisfaction went way up, we got more done, in less time and had more fun doing it
Josh Crane, CEO, Coplex, Inc.

Our Name


Thirty-five years ago, through the use of a revolutionary packaging and distribution process, Tony Wong’s father succeeded in redefining a category and became the largest commercial green onion grower in North America.

Digital Onion’s name is rooted in this legacy of entrepreneurialism; and in the multi-layered characteristic of the onion itself —much like the layers of complexity within organizations, individuals, project management, and product development. Our revolution is in bringing the processes, methodologies, and system of thought that peel away these layers of complexity to empower our clients, their leaders, and their teams to become highly adaptive, Agile organizations for the future.