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Bringing all of your organizational processes up to Agile speed
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Digital Onion has over 20 years of Agile expertise working in some of the most successful tech companies in the world.

Developing organizational agility can take a long time and cost a fortune, but it doesn’t have to. Experience has shown us that our clients get the most leverage from outsourcing the management of Agile engineering teams so that they can focus their executive attention on Agile product development: the inputs and outputs of multiple simultaneous strategic initiatives

Organizational value is built from its Agile product development, it is how Apple releases 22 products a year while most organizations struggle to release one.

This is where our expertise creates the most leverage and results for our clients.

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Digital Transformation

Customer segments, preferences and buying habits are changing at breakneck speeds and solid Agile engineering teams can keep up. The problem companies run into is that the rest of the organization has trouble keeping pace with the flow of data coming from those two sources. Being able to receive and process all of this data is the only way for management to make informed decisions about product strategy.

So how do we get you to 22 product releases a year? By building Agile process and culture into your management and executive teams. Whether people choose to call this process digital transformation, lean startup or Agile product development doesn’t matter much, the core requirement is bringing all of your organizational processes up to Agile speed.

Agile is the way top performing organizations operate, but can also be scary which is why only a few top performers are able to operate this way… being iterative, incremental and empirical means being able to let go of the false sense of security of plans and details.

We’ve been trained for this, it is what we know and what we do, we can do it better and faster than you ever could. Let us do what we do best.