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What to Look for in Agile Consulting for the Tech Industry

Agile innovation methods have been driving success in multiple arenas for approximately two decades, yet they are still surrounded with an aura of enigma.  You might hear an executive talk about “time boxes”, or a software developer mention “scrum”, but the truth is that even those who use the edgy language are often unfamiliar with what it means.  When the best-intentioned companies misinterpret agile values and practices, they end up being unable to benefit from the very ideas they are attempting to implement.

What is Agile at its core?

At its core, agile is a set of strategies that streamlines operations and boosts productivity.  For it to work as intended, a business will need to understand agile fully, know which situations it is best fitted for, and allow it to be put into practice.

Understanding agile begins with the language.  “Teamwork” is a general term that can have different shades of meaning based on the company.  Agile’ s “Scrum” is more useful because it refers specifically to a style of teamwork that emphasizes creativity and adaptability.  Specialized language is one component that makes agile an excellent fit for the tech industry, which in turn has a language of its own.  Whether you are just getting started, or are looking for expert assistance in mastering agile, our agile consulting services will ensure you have in-depth knowledge of the methods and terminology.

Agile strategies for the tech industry

Agile strategies work especially well when there is a new, complex problem to be solved.  If the project is continuously developing, and calls for collaboration or creativity, so much the better.  This kind of environment is often found in Software innovation, for example, while maintenance or accounting environments usually benefit more from a routine approach. With our agile consulting for tech companies, we will give you the tools you need to be able to recognize when and where to utilize agile so you can be efficient with your resources.

What makes Agile consulting for tech companies difficult?

One of the primary challenges to implementing agile strategies is the established corporate culture.  Agile teams need to be free of micromanagement and given the flexibility to innovate, as well as being formed at all levels of responsibility.  In fact, it is highly beneficial when top level executives work within such teams, as it enables them to learn to lead through inquiry rather than giving orders.  Of course, moving to a different type of corporate behavior takes time.  For lasting success, it is best when change is introduced gradually, and we will be right there to help smooth the transition.

Talk with Tony Wong and Digital Onion

Digital Onion is uniquely qualified to work with your company to improve workflow and business efficiency.  Our lead Tony Wong has as many years of experience as agile has been around and is especially experienced in agile for the tech industry.  Tony has provided agile consulting for tech teams in some of the largest global companies and can craft custom plans for any team – including those from other sectors – to provide a well-rounded and customized approach to working with your team.

Most importantly, Tony and the team at Digital Onion are committed to providing an adaptive and personal approach to your agile experience.  You can start by talking with a Digital Onion representative using our website live chat, where we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide insight specific to you and your company.

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