Strengthen your organization, future-proof
your business.

The start of 2020 changed the world, and we were forced to move our employees to safety. We all thought it was temporary, but this remote workforce deployment has become the future.

The move to remote teams has taken away the structure that workers are accustomed to. A cadenced approach is required to train the right team reflexes for this new setting. 

What this new normal means for each company is different, we are building the plane as we’re flying it. Digital Onion offers proven ways to make your business robust, resilient, and innovative.

Don’t let the new normal make you, or your people go soft.

We train organizations for flexibility and discipline; both are requirements for a culture of performance and accountability. We also provide people and performance coaching and remote work bootcamps that are designed to make you resilient.  

What We Do Best -- We've been doing it a long time


Why You Need Us -- The world has changed, we offer the tools you need to adapt and thrive in it.

–  Constant, unpredictable change.
–  Remote workforce management.
–  Changing customer demands.
–  Radical economic change.

Businesses that withstand and thrive in changing environments do so by developing a strong work cadence.

Adapt while you build
Act decisively in changing climates
Become unbreakable
Gain buy-in without consensus


How We'll Do It For You - Knowing your organization needs a unique cadence.

– Create a custom adaptation plan developed specifically for your leaders, teams and values.
– Ensure a smooth transition and a strong Agile foundation, allowing your teams to evolve and improve after we have stepped away.
– Properly teach the principles of Organizational Agility, establishing new behaviors and modelling decisive leadership.

Remote work coaching
EQ Skills
Performance coaching
Leadership coaching


How We're Different -- Making people and businesses antifragile.

For the past twenty years we have been at the leading edge of revolutionary changes in:
– Technology.
– Workforce management methodologies.
– Business culture building.
– Product and software development.

Our last 2 decades have been spent studying organizations in order to develop solutions to grow any business committed to an evolutionary process.

We’ve developed proven methods that allow us to transform enterprises and keep them adaptive, even in pandemic times.

Manage upwards
Inspire, influence and be candid and transparent
Show great judgment and bias towards action

We’re sharp, we move quick, we love what we do


Transform your business. Learn more about how we work, or contact us and let us know how we can help.


Performance Coaching For Agile Leaders -- Become unbreakable and make your business future-proof.

Changing the way you lead, think and behave to champion a true culture of agility, from the top.

Our partner company, Applied Agile combines neuroscience, EQ and agile methodology to create Agile Leadership.

Our participants become unbreakable, thrive in the unknown and work skillfully to manage personal and professional change.

Achieve greater flexibility and strength