Taking Agile to the Top.

Digital Onion transforms organizations to be creative, innovative and Agile.

We partner with organizations seeking to embrace the leadership challenges of the 21st century.

For the past 50 years, our daily work was about getting as much done as possible, as quickly as possible. But as technology gets increasingly faster, our value is changing from being efficient to being innovative. Our Agile training methods produces a creative, agile culture throughout the entire organization.

User Experience Design —

Our process design teams works to create products and environments that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Integrating the product, aspects of branding and culture into the usability and function

Most recently, our teams at Digital Onion led user experience design projects for:

✔ Viacom’s Awesomeness TV division to design and launch a new Youtube experience for their top performing show, My Dream Quinceanera.  

✔ NFL Digital Networks’ NFL Mobile App in redefining football fan’s digital experience.

✔Consensys’ leadership teams to design a better employee experience in the areas of onboarding, compensation, feedback culture and self-governance. 

What We Do

  • 1.     Develop leaders that thrive in rapidly changing environments because of their ability to innovate through accelerated feedback loops.
  • 2.     Develop business cultures focused accountability and teamwork.
  • 3.     Institute processes to determine what priorities matter most.

Why We Do It —

Industry has changed. Today’s organizations face new challenges: constant change, increasing business complexity, and customer driven strategies. Studies show that the majority of management believe that the status quo is unacceptable. If your leaders and culture are out of sync, your business is not prepared to adapt to the demands of the creative economy.
Gain buy-in without consensus
Own the vision and adapt along the way
Act in the face of ambiguity and rapid change
How leaders lead is as important and impactful as what they do. We believe that in order to satisfy customers, surpass competition, keep pace with change, and maintain growth, organizations need a new way to lead.

Organizations that have learned to thrive in this environment have done so by developing Organizational Agility. Their leaders and teams are adaptable, innovative, and collaborative—driven by passion, purpose, and creativity.

We help organizations build and sustain these competencies.

How We Do It —

Our experience serves as the basis for every engagement, but your organization is unique. Together, we create a custom transformation plan, developed specifically for your leaders and teams, in addition to your organization values.
Operate autonomously and align to central strategy
Inspire teamwork and own failure
Display vulnerability and demonstrate leadership

Our approach is designed to ensure a smooth transition and a strong and lasting Agile foundation — one that will allow your leaders and teams to evolve and improve after our team has stepped away. 

Our method ensures people learn the principles of Organizational Agility, put the new behaviors into practice and finally model a new way of leading. It’s not enough to just understand.

Our model is Learn, Do, Be.

What We Do Different —

Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed changes in technology and methodologies in management and teamwork that have revolutionized not only the culture of product development but the culture of business itself.
Self-manage and manage upwards
Inspire and influence and be candid and transparent
Show great judgment and bias towards action
We have been at the forefront of this transformation. We’ve made it our mission to study organizations and the way they work, and to develop solutions to help grow any organization committed to the evolutionary process of their business.

We’ve developed proven methods that allow us to bring meaningful transformation and we are continually adapting these methods to keep pace with business today.

We’re agilists.

We love what we do.

Performance Coaching For Agile Leaders

In addition, our partner company, Applied Agile, works directly with executives to create personal transformation. Changing the way leadership thinks and behaves fosters a true culture of agility, starting at the top.

Applied Agile combines neuroscience, emotional intelligence and agile methodology to create Agile Leadership: the intersection of personal and organizational transformation. Our participants thrive in the unknown, work iteratively and incrementally and focus on what matters. We’ll train you to use untapped areas of your brain to achieve greater creativity and innovation.

Who We Do It For —


Transform your business. Learn more about how we work, or contact us and let us know how we can help.